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Automatic carton forming machine how to fold cartons - Jinjiu machinery

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Automatic carton forming machine how to fold cartons - Jinjiu machinery

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How to fold cartons in automatic carton forming machine


In recent years, due to the rapid development of e-commerce, you can buy what you like without leaving home. Online shopping has become a common phenomenon. The rapid development of express industry is a good proof, and express packaging has also become a consumable. Indirectly promote the development of automatic folding machine, so that automatic folding machine has become one of the more popular equipment in recent years.

Automatic folding machine, also known as automatic carton forming machine, is to automatically fold the carton shell or carton board pressed by the carton manufacturer into the required shape. It is widely used in the packaging of goods. In the past, enterprises used more manual folding of cardboard to become cartons. With the continuous improvement of labor costs and the rapid development of box automatic packaging equipment, automatic carton forming machine and automatic carton folding machine came into being, which brought more convenience to the majority of enterprises and made packaging more efficient. Automatic folding machine folding box is a kind of folding box machine, which is widely used to fold aircraft boxes. How does the automatic folding box machine fold boxes? Do you know the workflow of automatic folding machine?

Carton folding method of automatic folding machine:

1. Manually put the paperboard into the storage tank of the automatic folding machine, start the power supply, and the storage tank will automatically rise to the height that the power suction cup can absorb.

2. The power suction cup sucks the paperboard to the position of the abrasive tool, and the manipulator presses and punches the paperboard to the abrasive tool. At this time, the carton is basically formed.

3. The side cover of the carton is fastened by the manipulator, and the paper flap locks the cardboard, so that the cardboard can be formed without adhesive tape or hot melt adhesive. Finally, the cardboard is folded into a carton shape.

4. After folding the box, manually put the product directly into the box.


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