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Humanistic shoe samples

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Humanistic shoe samples

  • Humanistic shoe samples

Automatic heaven and earth cover carton forming unit (shoe machine)

A, use:

The machine is mainly used in the heavens and the earth cover packaging carton production and processing, widely used in clothing shoes box; Arts and crafts, daily necessities box; Electronic, electrical box; And hardware, standard parts, such as boxes with need packaging products processing production.

Second, the main functions:

1, imported intelligent spray adhesive system, automatic spray adhesive compensation function;

2, cardboard automatic feeder, tandem into paper, fold the side and fold into the forming operation is completed a one-time;

3, PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, gas detection system, touch screen man-machine interface operation, the implementation of the heavens and the earth cover carton forming process automation;

4, infrared safety protection system, to ensure safe operation;

5, automatic fault diagnosis function;

6, fast changing mould adjusting device;

7, frame, cage design, the overall processing, packet type;

8, the machine cover an area of an area small, stability.

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