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Fruit box production and processing molding

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Fruit box production and processing molding

  • Fruit box production and processing molding

As printing and packaging products industry upgrading and processing costs rising trend of labor, the serious situation of packaging industry, processing cost increased year by year, has brought various related enterprise product profit super compression, and more and more difficult survival risk, this product is our company for more than a timely to market a new automatic carton processing equipment, to fill the gaps in the domestic paper box the industry. The equipment has high efficiency, flexible operation, low maintenance cost, production efficiency and the traditional manual more than dozens of times, the advantages of this device is the automatic paper, glue, ruffled, one-time finish.

Automatic carton forming machine use:

The machine is mainly used in the heavens and the earth cover production and processing of packaging cartons, suitable for food packing box, such as fruits, vegetables, packaging machine boxes with need packaging products processing.

Performance characteristics:

1, import spray adhesive system, realizing automatic spray adhesive compensation function,

2, vacuum suction type automatic paper feeding, tandem winding into the paper folding into the forming operation is completed a one-time,

3, PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, gas detection system, touch screen man-machine interface operation, the implementation of the heavens and the earth cover carton forming process automation,

4, automatically push board before and after coating, reduce light magic eye irradiation error of cardboard, glue more accurate,

5, infrared safety protection system, to ensure the safe operation,

6, automatic fault diagnosis function,

7, rapid adjusting device of the mould,

8 and frame cage design, the overall processing, packet type,

9, the machine cover an area of an area small, stability.

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